Meet the MEKA difference

All MEKA modules are built using various configurations of 20’ and 40’ ISO dimensioned, purposely built steel frames. These are not shipping containers.

Our modules are classified as light steel structure buildings. As a result, most building departments place few or zero restrictions on them, offering complete flexibility.

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All our buildings are certified to American Standard Modular Prefabrication as well as Canadian Standard Association (CSA). Furthermore we meet the international building code, IRC for the US and the National Building Code in Canada.

Meka modular homes can be installed in hours as opposed to weeks or even months with traditional building methods. All our production facilities adhere to the highest quality production methods.

Watch as we deliver the modules to our client’s Los Angeles address and assemble a home in a day, right before your eyes.

How a box

becomes a building

All construction is performed in our controlled factory environment. Each MEKA module is built to your local building code. We do electrical and plumbing certification with third party factory inspection.

  • Regular wood framing reinforced with steel frame
  • Wall section: drywall, rock wool insulation, plywood with tyvek, cladding (we work with all major suppliers)
  • Modules are delivered, installed and you are ready to move in.

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Quality built with pride in the USA. Shipping available worldwide.

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