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Our story and how we are different
MEKA was founded in 2009 by a group of architects and engineers. Our aim is to create modular living and work spaces that can be shipped easily worldwide.
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MEKA invested the time, money and human resources to create such shippable modular buildings which had to conform to three main design criteria:

  • Easily shipped: Each modular unit needs to fit the same parameters as an ISO shipping Container so that it can be transported globally via truck, ship or rail.
  • Design and function: Each building design has to be contemporary and allow maximum functionality for the space provided.
  • Meet local code: Each building has to be able to meet the local building code so that these buildings can be permanently installed.

Today, MEKA delivers our modules worldwide. We are expanding our manufacturing plants in order to better serve local markets. MEKA continues to innovate new modular construction and assembly techniques to create better value for our customers.

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MEKA Modular is recognized as a leader in disruptive innovation. We are committed to providing exceptional value, while build faster with superior quality.